the courtyard

Just a courtyard at night at the home of our friends in Munich. We’ve been snowboarding/skiing in the Axamer Lizum (Austria) on Saturday. Thank god I wore a helmet cause a skier hit me really hard with his ski pole when we almost crashed. And on Sunday we had a lot of delicious beer, Leberkäs, Obatzda and pretzels at the monastery of Andechs. 😀 The weather felt like summer, we had 21°C in the afternoon!! Along this photo of the courtyard I didn’t take many more photos. Just enjoyed the time with our friends. Thanks for the nice weekend! 🙂



I found this abandoned place called “Schweinemarkthalle” in Karlsruhe at the “Alter Schlachthof” area. It’s the former location of an OPEL car dealer and before that it was the pig market hall of a slaughterhouse. Don’t know what it will be used for in the future.

Of course I went inside the building! Believe me, that was so disgusting! I think a few hundred pigeons live in there which all took off went I entered the building. I couldn’t stay inside because of the dust they raised. And the ground was covered with crap and dead pigeons. Uaaargh!!!

This is a HDR image from 3 exposures.

Update 2017: Today this building is a startup center called “Perfekt Futur”. Learn more here:



Well, the weather is still pretty crappy and bars me from taking some nice landscape photos with my new camera. But hey: I’m flexible! 🙂 I met some photo buddies yesterday to hang around in the city and to take some architecture pics. I’m really happy with the results though these are all concrete pics which differ strongly from my recent works. But, these pictures show the quality the camera and the lenses provide and now I’m looking forward to having better weather, maybe at the weekend. Wish me luck! 🙂



the restaurant at the end of the universe

Have you ever read Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” (or heard the BBC radio show)? This restaurant at the beach of St. Peter-Ording reminded me of “Milliways”, the “restaurant at the end of the universe” on the Frogstar World B. The story says that viewing through the windows of this restaurant you can watch the break-up of the universe every evening, made possible due to time warps. A really fascinating idea …. 🙂

(Now I also remember this passage: When leaving the restaurant, Zaphod and Ford steal a spaceship, which turns out to be a stuntship belonging to Disaster Area, programmed to dive into a star to provide backing effects for a rock concert. LOL So funny, have to read the books again.)