17 thoughts on “shelter

  1. bilderiet says:

    Oh, what a wonderful light! The gray tones in the sky are also beautyful. A realy nice shot!

  2. MST says:

    Auch von mir mal ein dickes Lob für Deine tollen Bilder. Schön das die EXIF Daten wird da sind, so kann ich noch viel lernen…
    Hope to see you tomorrow…

  3. I love the light falling on this old stone house and it’s contrast against the dark sky. The myriad of stone sizes in the walls of the old house give it a great rough texture that I can really “feel” as I look at this. The camera angle is interesting, too, as it makes the structure look taller and a little more imposing. Very beautiful image, Mathias.

  4. Thomas says:

    Another fabulous shot Matthias. No need to apologize though, we all have stuff we need to attend to 🙂
    Looking forward to your next photo.

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