Furkapass Panorama

About the photo: last week we spend some days in Switzerland and visited some really nice places. This photo was taken from the Furkapass (2.436 m / 7.992 ft.) looking westwards. The highest mountain in the center is the Finsteraarhorn (4.274 m / 14.022 ft.). The lake in the foreground is the Totensee (Death Lake) at the Grimselpass. Strange name for a lake!! As you can see it’s already winter in Switzerland. I loved it.
Some technical details: the image consists of 12 photos in portrait format taken in manual mode at f8 and 200mm with a Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 L (and 5D of course). Stitched and processed in Photoshop. The final image has a size of 19.373 x 3.830 px. With a printing resolution of 300 dpi these are 164 x 32 cm or 65 x 13 inch. I’m going to print this one.

Large view


blue silence

I took this on a photo-tour with u.linder on the top of the Allalin (Saas Fee, Switzerland, 3.500m / 11.483ft). As we reached this rock the sun just disappeared behind the 4.027m high Allalinhorn behind us. This was the first and last picture I took with a little light left on the rock. We waited a while to see if the sun would wander around the Allalinhorn but it went down behind it. Bad luck! Anyhoo, I like the picture. It reminds me of that wonderful silence up there (except Uli’s cough. LOL).
Btw, behind the rock it goes down a few hundred meters. Must be thrilling to cut a nice “first track” into that hillside on a snowboard … (w/o triggering an avalanche, of course).