probably my last landscape photo

… unmarried. 🙂
Friday is the big day! I must say, I’m already a bit nervous.

Little story about the photo:
I stood there watching the sky after the rain. As I say the rainbow I took a view through the viewfinder and realized that 24mm aren’t wide angle enough for that rainbow. Aaargh!! I ran back to my car like crazy, dropped the wrong lens, grabbed the 17mm and ran back to the place where I took this photo. Fortunately, the rainbow was still there. Phew!
Well, that’s whatI love in landscape photography. Sometimes you only have a few seconds for a photo and you have to concentrate 100% to do your best. I’m sure the world could break down behind me, I wouldn’t realize it in such a moment. Though that would be a good photo as well … 🙂


the restaurant at the end of the universe

Have you ever read Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” (or heard the BBC radio show)? This restaurant at the beach of St. Peter-Ording reminded me of “Milliways”, the “restaurant at the end of the universe” on the Frogstar World B. The story says that viewing through the windows of this restaurant you can watch the break-up of the universe every evening, made possible due to time warps. A really fascinating idea …. 🙂

(Now I also remember this passage: When leaving the restaurant, Zaphod and Ford steal a spaceship, which turns out to be a stuntship belonging to Disaster Area, programmed to dive into a star to provide backing effects for a rock concert. LOL So funny, have to read the books again.)