Well, the weather is still pretty crappy and bars me from taking some nice landscape photos with my new camera. But hey: I’m flexible! 🙂 I met some photo buddies yesterday to hang around in the city and to take some architecture pics. I’m really happy with the results though these are all concrete pics which differ strongly from my recent works. But, these pictures show the quality the camera and the lenses provide and now I’m looking forward to having better weather, maybe at the weekend. Wish me luck! 🙂



34 thoughts on “concrete

  1. wow
    a nice framing
    I like it
    remind me of a nice and sometimes dangerous hobby I used have in the past in Paris.
    Down along parking lot ramp at full speed with inline skatting.
    Can i print it for my own usaged ?

  2. Hey nice. I don’t mind seeing stuff like this one bit Nice change actually. I love all the lines and textures, especially the one curved line wrapping around the center.

  3. Bert says:

    At first I didn’t like how over exposed the lights were in this shot. But then after viewing the photo for a second time I actually don’t mind it, it gives it a very clean and pure look (although I can only imagine the garage was far from clean).
    Great shot.

  4. You are the HDR master, I bow down to you. I just started trying to come up with a workflow for my own pics, since I just picked up a rebel anc can’t make anything that looks that good.

  5. Keith says:

    This is another one that tells me to hurry up and try HDR, I have been resisiting for years but this is the sort of use that i personnally think makes a great photo.

  6. Klaus says:

    Tolles Bild, der Lichtpunkt in der Mitte hat was, harmonische Schärfe, … tolles Blog … mal gespannt was da noch alles aus dem Sensor kommt 😉

  7. Frubes says:

    Great photo Matias. I love the composition and the colour which you have achieved from what is naturally quite a neutral dull setting.
    What sort of lens is this shot with if you dont mind me asking?

  8. Frubes says:

    Thanks for the quick response Matthias 🙂 Whereabouts is this shot taken location wise and do you have any more from the same place?

  9. @Frubes: it’s a parking garage in Karlsruhe which is now painted white. What a shame! Really love the concrete structure and colors.
    I have some more from this but never uploaded these. Maybe I should …

  10. WOW, you have amazing photographs. It is noted that mastered both the art of composition, and treatment, to achieve true works of art.
    This photo of architecture could be the winner of any contest.
    You have my vote for the Photoblog Awards, and a new fan of your work.
    BRAVO !!!!!!!!

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