21 thoughts on “resistance is futile

  1. riika says:

    Oh, beautiful! (I’m starting to repeat myself, but your pictures are so gorgeus 🙂
    Did you use single raw or multiple pictures with this hdr?

  2. Sumit says:

    Wow! The water surface is almost invisible. I have to try this kind of shot. The lighting, the reflections and the whole scene: GORGEOUS!!
    Your photos are so good that you may want to put up a small writeup of how you achieved the effect. I am sure a lot of people will find that useful.

  3. you’re totally forgiven for being addicted. 🙂
    because this is so gorgeous!
    i love how it’s so contrast, the water so calm and the clouds look so menacing… and those boats seem unreal, like they don’t belong there. ^^
    i think i’m getting addicted to your photos. linked!

  4. kyle haapala says:

    another really nice one. i like the hdr because it’s not overdone. some just look ridiculous but this looks great 🙂

  5. Tasos says:

    Your photos are amazing, they are so crisp clear but they have this smoothness blur inside them like a dream or something.

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