and over the years it’s slowly taken by the sea

This is one of many observation points along the atlantic shoreline of Europe. They were built during the 2nd world war as part of the Atlantic Wall. After the war the people tried to blow up these monsters of steel and concrete, but without success. They were and still are to strong and solid. So it seems like they can only be destroyed by the nature.


4 thoughts on “and over the years it’s slowly taken by the sea

  1. Mark says:

    Matthias this is breath taking! It is a perfect subject for a long exposure, the colors are rich and vibrant, the composition is striking and has an excellent graphic quality to it. I just love this image…the water is perfectly blurred, and what a subject emotionally eh? wonderful…simply wonderful.

  2. Is this in France? If I had to guess I’d say Normandy, but I remember one exactly like this futher down on the Vendèe. Great shot, anyway!

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