Yesterday I re-visited one of the most beautiful places in the Southern Black Forest, called Schauinsland. This is a beech tree that got its shape from the steadily blowing wind.
The weather was really uncomfortable (fog, wind, heavy snowfall, -5°C) but perfect for shots like this one. I’m really happy with how it came out. I didn’t convert the photo to b&w but due to the fog there were no colors. So it’s a “natural” b&w. 🙂


19 thoughts on “silence

  1. Well I would think twice before getting out in that kind of weather. But I’m happy to see that it can be possible to absolute adorable images regardless.

  2. Michael Paulison says:

    This is both a very beautiful and very interesting photo. It’s amazing that it’s actually a color photo and the wind-shaped branches really make you take a second look. Great, great shot.

  3. This photo is breathtaking. I love the natural black and white and am so glad you returned to this location. I first discovered your photoblog last year thanks to these stunning images of the Black Forest and I look forward to many more.

  4. 613photo says:

    Stunning shot. The featureless background is almost inseparable from the snow-covered ground. When I see this I can’t help but to think of the resilience of nature.

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