11 thoughts on “forgotten morning

  1. rj says:

    Great landscape… love the path leading us to the misty valley – great composition, and a subtle HDR photo (which makes a pleasant change).

  2. Mark says:

    Well done HDR. I knew it had to be due to the range between the sky and the foreground. Well done … I really like how it looks natural, not over done. Plus the composition is very clever, the inclusion of the road pulling your eye to the misty fields, the trees, the colors are fantastic in the sky. Its great to be there when it all comes together, its even greater if you can capture it … and as always you have superbly!

  3. This photo is perfect! There is no disturbing objects, the windling road is really intriguing, the sky is very dramatic, the colors and the fog are amazing! Very nice contrast between the serene impression of fog and extremely dynamic expression of the sky. I would LOVE to see this photo on onexposure. It’s an easy case of “screener’s favourites” which means you will get a great deal of exposure and a lot of new visitors to your photoblog. Thanks so much for your contributiong and we hope to see more of your work! Take care!

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