8 thoughts on “west wing

  1. Mark says:

    I love the long exposures! The cloud movement is fantastic, and i like the fact the moon isnt so overpowering. Was this a composite image? Also…excellent use of wide angle.

  2. Thanks Mark! It´s a HDR image created of a single exposure. When processing the RAW-files I generated 7 single files with all contrast ranges, then merged them with Photomatix.

  3. I took the original exposure and created 3 underexposed and 3 overexposed files using the exposure compensation of RawShooter. With these method you can be sure to have good details of all contrast ranges. For example, the wet ground was almost black at the original picture. But the overexposures made the details visible.
    I know that this is not the idea of HDR images. Actually I take bracket shots with 3 images which is still the better method. But this was not possible here because of the movement in the sky.

  4. cako says:

    Trotz, oder gerade wegen der extremen Verzerrung sehr interessant ! Der Himmel und die Bearbeitung sind toll gelungen.

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