welcome to the real world

I hope one more image of these beautiful beech trees is OK for you. Also found a little time to write down some thoughts in my humble English. Please excuse this.
First of all: this is not taken with an IR filter (infrared). The white parts are snow.
Well, I really love the two previous images “reloaded” and “the beech tree” because they are  very very close to what I had seen through the viewfinder. The colors and the dynamic ranges are very close to reality and I only did some basic processing. Which is good. I’m very proud of it because it shows me that a heavy treatment isn’t absolutely necessary to create a good image. I’m pretty sure these pictures wouldn’t look very different when taken on film.
Nevertheless I have to admit that I like this 3rd image the most. The b&w conversion and a few steps of processing give it a surreal look and separate it from the “normal” images (in my eyes). And this is one of the most important intentions why I’m into photography since two years: I try to show other people how the world looks  like through my eyes, in my fantasy, in my mind. And I really love this world.
But wait! What if this “processed world” is the real world and what we all see every day through our blinded eyes isn’t real?? Which world would you prefer? Real or unreal?  Blue or red pill? 😉
Thank you for your attention. The floor is now open for discussion. 🙂

20 thoughts on “welcome to the real world

  1. very interesting questions. for me, I don’t think we all see the same thing anyway – so processed or not, I wouldn’t have seen the world the way you did, and now I can. So that’s what I appreciate about photography, getting to see (and showing) a world that otherwise may have been missed.
    As for this photo. I do enjoy it, yet I prefer the second one (blue sky) better. I guess it’s maybe because it’s the world I would have wanted to see! 🙂
    Wonderful photos Matthias! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I wrestled with the decision on how to present my photographs some time agao – from being a purist with no processing, now I can’t not process an image to some degree – to give it my visual signature if you will. I figure I want my photo to stand out from the rest if I had other photographers standing there with me taking the same shot at the same time. Not just composition and focus, but the final result which can subtly manipulated with a bit of post-processing.

  3. Claus Petersen says:

    This is just a fantastic IR the trees looks just like they are made of snow!! And very fitting since winter is comming!

  4. Keith says:

    Although we may look at the same scene a different aspect of it is likely to attract our attention, we interpret the same information in different ways based on our own references of what is real, good, attractive etc. The thing I like most about visiting other blogs and posting my own work is the comments on how others see a image. For example a post I may think is perfect may be unfathomable to others. This is far better than in colour in my eyes. The trees, clouds and shadow combine to make a magnificent image. Bravo!

  5. Hello everyone! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I really appreciate that. You’re all right: deciding what is real or what is surreal depends on one’s choice of interpretation.
    I’m glad you like this picture. Thanks again!

  6. Ryan says:

    As an IR image this is good. I was drawn to in at first because something looked just every so slightly different than IR and I was wondering if it was not taken on IR film. Knowing that it is not makes this image so much more apealing to me because it is something that is different from the ordinary taken with a filter or film that makes it look different. It is what the eye would see, if the eye was not able to see colour.
    Very nice work I am very impressed, thank you for the wonderful post.

  7. Thanks for sharing your views and inspiration for this. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts very much.
    As for the image, it is quite stunning (as the others). This is probably also my favorite as well… the black and white suits it quite well. Plus, I think it a very special thing to be able to get an image this beautiful mostly in-camera. There is surely something to be said for editing/photoshop skill, but for me the magic of photography is what happens in the photographer’s head and in the camera/darkroom.
    You are right thought that by editing you are allowing yourself to show us a bit of how you see the world. But still, I find it immensely apparent in this shot. I feel more like I am here with you as you hit the shutter – the emotion is not covered by layers of editing after the fact…
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and listening to mine. =)

  8. I have just recently been playing with more processing thanks to my recent purchase of Lightroom, but even then I don’t think I over process. Or maybe I do, I don’t really know. I’m trying to find my view of the world. I can tell you one thing. Yours has quickly become one of my favorite photoblogs. I love your views of the world.

  9. Kim says:

    I’m very torn between which one I like better, this one or the color version. Both are beautiful! Do I really have to choose? 🙂

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