fishin’ in the waters of light

Taken last weekend on a photo-trip with some members of the Flickr Klub Karlsruhe. This is a lake close to the Rhine south of Karlsruhe.

I took this photo with the Canon EF 15mm 2.8 Fisheye lens I rented fo the weekend. Funny to look through and to take some silly ultra distorted and bended shots at the first moment. But I realized very quickly that it’s pretty difficult to use this lens in a sensible manner. But I loved it. I think I’ll rent it again very soon (too expensive to buy). It’s challening, somehow …. OK, I better shut up …

Just enjoy this colorful picture! 🙂



This evening I’ve been out with a photo buddy and we found an abandoned platform at a lake. I guess it had been used to dig up gravel. I find it always very interesting to see such old and decayed stuff and to imagine how it has been used. Additionally these objects give a good contrast to the surrounding where they are placed.