I took this picture back in May somewhere in the Black Forest. Since then I reviewed it a hundred times trying to decide whether it is a good photo and worth to show or whether I should better delete it. The item I wasn’t sure about is the huge rock in the center of the picture which dominates the whole composition. Positioning such a huge object in the center of a picture is far away from all classic composing rules. But, I’m now sure that this is acceptable in this case because the photo tells a story. For me it’s about transitoriness. Think about all the elements surrounding the rock: the stairs (symbolizing human beings), the water, the plants. Everything exists just a short moment compared to the life-time of the rock. Maybe the people forget this path one day, maybe the small creek dries out and the plants die off (because of global warming?). Maybe some day the rock will be naked and bleak and all life around it will be gone. But, the huge rock will always be there. It will always dominate this scene.
Maybe this is a little bit too philosophic but that’s just me …

I wish you some joyous X-mas days with your family and your friends. I’ll be away for some days from Saturday on.

Take care, see ya!!


8 thoughts on “strength

  1. Kim says:

    I’m glad you didn’t delete this one! The colors, textures and light all come together perfectly. That waterflow is simply beautiful. You really should hold on to everything you shoot – you never know when you may need a part of one image, or change your mind about one, like you did with this shot. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday together!

  2. Edd James says:

    Well, all I see is the big rock – it took sometime to notice the water on the left especially as it’s ‘washed’ out badum-tsch.
    Now regarding the “transitoriness” of the rock – doesn’t this show how fragile the rocks existence is – it only just got spared being destroyed by the humans creating the footpath (being made into steps!) soon enough it’ll be graffitied and anyway it’ll be eroded by the stream before long.

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