7 thoughts on “step by step …

  1. Stan Fleming says:

    Matthias, Your photo could be taken right here in Palermo Maine – this kind of scene is what we hope for each winter – nothing quite like mother nature at work – I love the sight of fresh fallen snow and how it creates such a beautiful landscape – which you have captured perfectly!!
    P.S. I enjoy watching how you and Mark consistently swap positions on the Hot Blogs List – I know how much he respects your talent – I do too and I enjoy seeing your work and look forward to enjoying both your and Mark’s posts each morning. Please know how much pleasure you bring to my family each day. Thanks for sharing with us ………….

  2. John Maslowski says:

    Looks like those footprints lead straight to the photographer. They do add a creative touch to the shot and I really like the snow covered trees. Nice image.

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