13 thoughts on “stay

  1. Aleksej says:

    Looks like the sheep survived some kind of natural disaster, it’s like the last sheep on the world, anyway – great atmosphere here.

  2. Still catching up on everything from being away… sure looks like you’ve been busy. Seems every image is better than the last!
    This one’s so cool, and I reckon it’s likely mostly in the processing you’ve done here. Rather a mundane image, but somehow you’ve managed to create a very striking scene with it.

  3. I love this shot, but then I always have a soft spot for sheep shots.
    Also, I like your comment feature which doesn’t require re-filling out the information.

  4. snapmypicture says:

    I like the tones and the ambiance of this picture… So strange… Seems to be in the middle of nowhere…

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