22 thoughts on “morning moon

  1. Anthony Mahieu says:

    This one is still better as your previous entry. It would have been a mistake to stamp put the moon because it’s a great detail. The moon is perfektly exposed. We can even see the darkest side…
    You did a great job! congratulations…

  2. This a beautifully tranquil scene. I love the fog and how it adds a layered look and gives depth to the photograph. You composed it very well. Keep the moon. It adds just a little bit more interest to an already gorgeous photograph. Nice work, Matthias.

  3. Thomas says:

    It feels so quiet and magical in a way. Serene is probably the word I’m looking for. Lovely how the moon has a bit of a ‘halo’ around it, which really makes it pop (even though it’s so small in comparison to the rest of the scene).
    Very nice Matthias.

  4. Wonderful image!
    Great composition with the mist and the moon !
    The colors are soft, the sharpness in the grass in front is great – it all work together to create a tranquil scenery.
    Well done!

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