Attention: strong breeze!

Taking this photo was an exciting challenge because the wind was blowing with a force of about 6 (40-50 km/h or 25-31 mph). I used a ND filter here to achieve an exposure time of a few seconds to capture the movement of the flag. When I set up the tripod I realized that it was vibrating a little bit because of the strong breeze. I wasn’t sure if the photos would  get really sharp. But, it seems like it worked quite well. Thanks to Manfrotto! Great stuff!

Btw, the sand was moving very fast as well. After this shot my shoes were completely covered with sand. 🙂

You can also view this photo at flickr.


27 thoughts on “Attention: strong breeze!

  1. This is a wonderful shot! The colors are very nice, and laid out perfectly with the shapes within the image. I love the action on the flag, as well as the shadow that it casts on the ground creating more depth in the image. This is very well done. Also, as Riika points out, it was very nice to know how you did it. Great shot.

  2. Mark says:

    Fabulous my friend.
    I have wanted to create a shot like this for some time now. Wind moving mater, especially sand, over the course of a long exposure creates such a cool effect. I love the flag as a foreground piece as well.
    Awesome shot!

  3. Charlotte says:

    It’s an amazing photo! Beautiful colouurs and composition and th emomenemtn is just fantastic!! – Pretty near perfect I’d say – well done!

  4. Oh yeah, really cool idea. Good job and foresight to capture the flag using the long exposure. There’s a huge sense of motion throughout the photo as well, likely also due to the ND.

  5. Sebastiano Pitruzzello says:

    Great images. I really love this one. Your photoblog will be a “go-to site” for me since now. I started my photoblog today. Hope you come visit! Bye!

  6. Thomas says:

    Wow. I’m amazed at how sharp this image turned out to be. Those manfrotto tripods seem to cancel out the wind quite well. Awesome photo!

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